Fully Biography

Fully performin live

Fully, From Trick Daddy to Rick Ross, Flo Rida to Pitbull, Miami has delivered a roster of rap stars, and John Thomas aka “Fully” aims to be the next repping the sunny state! A native of Miami-Dade County, John Thomas grew up in a harsh environment that became conducive to his creative upbringing. From a young age he used lyrics and music as his virtual diary. As odd as it may seems by running the streets he discovered himself, and at 13 he earned his artist name of “Fully”.

There are many meaning behind his moniker, not always glamorous, but always real, as he is unique, creative and dapped in street swag. In 2005 John Thomas aka Fully, was working with slip n slide record side label, slip n slide streets. 2007 he landed a deal with ” Trick Daddy and his label….Dunk Ryder records. 2013 Fully became independent and became the CEO of his own label, hood raised music group. Musically inspired by the likes of Tupac, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy among others.

“Fully” developed his own style with perseverance by countless hours of recording and his own prolific lyrics. Long nights in the studio paid off when he released “Take Your Chick” produced by renowned producer Gorilla Tek, a breakthrough single well received which garnered him well deserved attention. 

As “Fully” dreams of platinum success and entrepreneurship ambition, his career and goals are in full gear. 2017 Fully sign a deal with Miami’s Supa T Records owned by Terry Elliot Sr.